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Pharos Lower Hopper Retro Fit

To install the 2015 Pharos Lower Hopper into your earlier Pharos model follow this procedure: Acquire a standard deburr tool - works for both plastic, and soft metals. Inexpensive tool, perfect for the job, sorry we don't stock them... Your Pharos 1 axle is .500" (12.71mm) in diameter. The axle hole in the new hopper is 12mm. Generally speaking, the goal is to shave off 0.71mm of material from the hole of the hopper, in a concentric manner. You do this a little at a time, checking for fit all along the way - take off too much, and you'll have a sloppy, leaky fit, not enough off & the axle won't go through the hole. So, shave, and fit, shave, and fit, until you have a nice fit. Once you fit the axle through the center hole, then do the same to the funnel exit hole on the bottom plate of your Pharos. Work the deburr tool from the 'inside' of the plate, so you have a nice clean, tight appearance on the 'outside' of the plate. Again, remove material, fit, remove & fit, until the hole is just large enough for the funnel neck to fit through. Take the time to do it well, and it will last!