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OE Apex Technical update - Auger Spring - 3/2019

Tech Update!

2/20/32019.  In an effort to keep Apex owners and prospective owners current on the actual status of various ongoing manufacturing and technical issues involving the Apex coffee grinder ‘from the horse’s mouth’, we are offering this new(s) section.  This section will not include photos or videos, just a lot of stuff to read.  We do not presume to instruct how to make coffee nor to present ourselves to possess any expertise beyond an intimate and extensive knowledge of the things we make.


Our Apex Manual Coffee Grinder was released for global sales on our website on 11/20/2018.  In the 3 months since then the Apex has performed well in the wild but for a couple of issues:


BACKSTOREY:  The metal parts of the Apex are coated by a process called electrophoretic deposition (EPD) which results in a thin, hard surface layer on the metal.  Before shipping our first build of grinders we noticed some surface wear at the entrance to the burrs, below the auger, on our test grinder.  Strictly a cosmetic issue, does not affect function.  Our solution to this unexpected issue was to hand cut 0.05mm stainless steel “Throat Plates” and affix to the wear area using various adhesives.  Many of the earliest shipped grinders and some of the later ones, had the plate reportedly peel off the surface due to adhesive failure, we think possibly caused by exposure to extreme cold during shipping.

CURRENT STATUS:  Now using a larger stainless steel plate which is die-cut with high adhesion 3M peel and stick backing, which is specifically for metal adhesion and cold temperature performance.  This part is working well with no problems on our test grinders, or reports of failure in the wild.

If you have a problem with this part email us and we’ll send you a new one.  Just view the installation video for a final fix.


BACKSTORY:  The “flights” of the Apex Auger are made by wrapping a 6.5mm spring around the central Auger Body.  This spring has a large loop on the burr end and small eye loop on the handle end.  Each end is fastened to the axle with a stainless steel machine screw.  User reports wire of the spring breaking at the edge of the attachment screw on the burr end of the spring.  On our test grinders we had noticed some distortion of the loop, but no breakage.  The stainless steel spring wire size is 0.9mm with larger wire sizes tested with a similar result (and VERY difficult to install).  We determined that the problem is the not the spring but the manner we were installing the spring on the burr end…tightening the screw all the way down against the loop.  By changing to a longer screw we can tighten the screw securely while leaving a gap at the top to allow the loop to swivel under the screw head.  This eliminates distortion and damage to the loop and avoids the breakage problem.


Original two screws at the burr end of the spring changed from 8mm length to 10mm length.  Standard M4 x 10mm stainless steel round head machine screws are used. 

If your spring appears to be damaged or distorted at the burr end we have a replacement kit – just email us.   See video for installation instructions.

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