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Pharos Grinder News UPDATE!

Here's the latest update on the Pharos Manual Coffee Grinder production!

We have 138 Pharos 1.1 grinders on the ocean, hopefully arriving at our warehouse in Montana mid August...  That is about half of the number of people on the waiting list....  

Pharos 2.0 is on the horizon...we're finalizing parts, and hope to be in production in November of this year.  We've done some redesigning to solve some of the irritating issues for people, and things that made it a little more difficult to build - the Pharos 2.0 will be built by our people at Innoland (Innoland manufactures all of our products that are made in Taiwan now).  Doug has been doing all of the building of the Pharos 1.1, but will be teaching our people to build the Pharos 2.0 for the future...  

Pharos 2.0 will have a index markings on the top plate, a pointer/split collar adjustment, a short axle that will enable us to use a removable catch cup system for the grounds in the bottom section.   We'll post some photos as soon as we have the parts finalized.

Prototype parts arrived (7/4) - grinding without a bit of mess!

The new "look" for the Pharos 2.0 is here!

If you prefer to grind directly into your filter basket you can do that too - you'll need an OE dosing funnel to make it nice & neat:


Part of the design challenge has been to make all of the 2.0 changes retrofit to any of the NON-Serial number, Taiwan made, Pharos 1.1 grinders...  If your grinder was made in Idaho, has a serial numbered bottom, the 2.0 update kit will not fit - sorry!   But, if your Pharos has Anodized aluminum plates, was made in Taiwan, with metal bolt covers, the 2.0 updates will fit - we intend to offer the updates as a kit (and we will be working on an update kit for the serial numbered/Idaho made Pharos 1.0 too).   

The good news is yes, the Pharos remains in production, and we will be able to make it available to our distributors internationally.   The bad news is that there will be a price increase bringing the Pharos 2.0 to $350.00 each.  The update kit will cost $55.00 - the same amount as the Pharos cost increase...

Thank you for your patience, and continued support - we REALLY appreciate it!

Barb & Doug
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