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OE LIDO Manual Coffee Grinder - Full Range Grinder!
OE LIDO Manual Coffee Grinder - Full Range Grinder!
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We have been building the OE Lido Series coffee grinders for 10 years.  Through this 10 year period we have employed different finishes, handle designs, catch jar materials, and made many changes (usually imperceptible to the customer), and learned a LOT, but our criteria for building the Lido grinders has remained the same:  Full size hopper & catch jar capacity, a quality hardened steel burr, a stable dual bearing drive system, stepless grind adjustment, and ease of use.  With the Lido Basic we have taken what we consider to be the best bits of the Lido Series, added some improvements (often revealed through customer feedback!) and have created a Basic Tool for grinding coffee for any type of brewing method.  
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