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Lido OG

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Lido OG Manual Coffee Grinder
Lido OG Manual Coffee Grinder
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The Lido OG is the culmination of our 10+ years of experience in design, manufacture, refinement and use of our manual coffee grinders.  The OG is, for us, a return to our origins, building the revolutionary Pharos grinder in our home workshop.   Flash forward 10 years, evolve through 8 different hand grinder models, add our now, much more powerful command of manufacturing processes, and we have our optimal Lido hand grinder.
The OG shares much of the DNA of our original Lido series hand grinders (and some of the parts) but is much evolved in engineering and function.  

Simplicity when possible, and complexity where required.  

We have taken all of our hand grinder experience and expectations, and applied them to the Lido OG - the Optimized Lido Grinder.  
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