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Wood Ball Knob Kit for OE Grinders

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Wood Ball Knob Kit for OE Grinders
Wood Ball Knob Kit for OE Grinders
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Wood Ball Knob kit for OE Grinders - fits all Lido including the OG, and the Fixie Travel Grinder (we use the same knob shaft on all Lido, and Fixie grinders).  Here's the thing... Our original rectangular tab style knob, that we use on the Lido grinders, Fixie, and OG was inspired by the style of knob on many large format vintage fishing reels.  We like it.  And, here's what Doug has to say about it:  "I have become so accustomed to the flat knob on the Lido grinders that the feeling became second nature.  Then a Lido OG customer suggested a round knob would be better...so I tried making some round knobs, and I find it's not so much better, as it is just different.  But, from a design perspective, a sphere is a very nice form, especially in light of the hard materials, and hard angles that we use on some of the grinders, and the warm wood is a nice counter balance."  

This 1 1/2" (38mm) Hardwood Ball Knob is made from a standard ball, described as "Birch or Maple" procured from a wood working supply company (we don't know how, or why they make them, but they do...so we bought some)  They have to be drilled 3 different times, and making them turned out to be a lot trickier than we thought!  On a good afternoon Doug can make about 4 per hour, not counting the ones he screws up... (and it's never his fault, ha ha...lol...and I believe him!)   Each is a little different, with random grain, and swirly patterns.  They have 3 coats of varnish so they'll stay nice & bright.   Please be aware - some may have some small imperfection that may displease you...they have to be grabbed in a lathe chuck, and some times there may be some very small, very shallow dents from grabbing the ball - he hasn't overcome this yet.  Some may seem a little tight at first, and it will take a bit of use for them to become completely free spinning.  Most may squeak a little, so you'll need a drop of oil once in awhile on the shaft.  The ball comes with a Belleville spring washer, which is a curved washer, usually used as a lock washer, but we use them for this because it trims out the ball nicely.   Please keep in mind - these are made by a human, perhaps if a robot made it it would be perfect...  If minor imperfection of human craftsmanship bugs you, please don't buy one...  

Kit contains one wood ball knob, and one washer (you will use the shaft & screw you have on the grinder to mount the ball & washer in place of the existing knob & knob cover).

Made in USA - ships from USA

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